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"Makita" comes from a Cebuano word meaning "To see" or "Be seen". The program is designed to help kids who need help with any eye related medical needs, such as surgery, glasses, check up or a kit (comprised of a white cane, a pair of protective sun glasses, a talking watch, and a magnifier for kids who have some sight). 

We designed this project to be people-centered. We don't feel like we need to impress you with some catastrophic data or gruesome pictures. People are more than the sum of their troubles. There is always a family, a friend, a caregiver who are willing to help. In many countries the responsibility to raise a child is on the whole village, not just the parents.  So what we are asking is would you be part of this child's village? 

We will do our best to introduce the children, not only their medical need, but also their hobbies, where they live, etc. Also the doctors, surgeons, and volunteers who help along the way. 

We have decided to work with one local person in each country who is intimately familiar with the culture and language of that country to ensure that only children and families who would not otherwise be able to pay for the surgery receive help. We strive to have as short of a money trail as possible, which means paying the hospital directly when possible, or going through a local partner.

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