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We partner with solid organizations overseas which we have personally visited and spent time with the leaders. In many cases we have volunteered there ourselves and lived for years in these countries. Depending on the needs we might sponsor a teacher, or a student or sometimes renovate a school. Bethel USA also sends experts in their field to participate in local workshops and help with capacity building. 


We have work in China for 17 years and the Philippines for 8 years. Our team is always on the lookout for a worthy cause we can support.

Bethel USA was set up specifically to support projects related to children and education.

A school for visually impaired children in China

A Center for girls rescued from online sex trafficking in the Philippines

A center for children living in a scavenger community in Cebu

Ai Bai Fu is a school for visually impaired children in China which was founded by a french couple in 2003. It is now a fully local run charity organization with 4 centers across China. They do amazing work and have done much to challenge the mentality in China about what a blind person can achieve in China.

Run by a Belgium/Filipino couple, this organization works closely with the authorities and provide a safe place for these girls and also provide for their education. 

Run by a German/American couple, this organization provides food, schooling and many activities for these children who otherwise would spend their day scavenging in a hill of trash.