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We support a project called Ai Bai Fu who cares for visually impaired children who are either orphans or come from poor families. 

We are also working on a Medical Fund to finance eye surgery, eye check up, glasses and kits for visually impaired children.  

Blind kids rock!


6 centers for visually impaired children in China

Ai Bai Fu is a school for visually impaired children in China which was founded by a french couple in 2003. It is now a fully local run charity organization with 6 centers across China. They do amazing work and have done much to challenge the mentality in China about what a blind person can achieve in China.

Bethel China's 2022 organization profile

We have work in China for 17 years and the Philippines for 8 years. Our team is always on the lookout for a worthy cause we can support.

Bethel USA was set up specifically to support projects related to children and education.

Eye Screenings in The Philippines

Bethel USA recently purchased a state of the art mobile eye screening device which allows us to make an eye screening exam in a matter of seconds. We are taking it to Cebu in feb 2024 and working with local organization to screen hundreds of children. Learn more here...

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